Boston, MA– Ridesharing trips to and from Logan Airport could cost riders more, for what some might see as less convenience. Last week, the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) published a proposal that would raise fees for Lyft and Uber rides to and from Logan Airport. The proposal also recommends creating a single drop-off and pick-up location for all rideshares, rather than allowing drivers to pull up to a terminal.

By changing the operations of “Transportation Network Companies” like Uber and Lyft and expanding Logan Express bus service, Massport aims to reduce traffic congestion at Logan Airport.

Massport says that last year, there were 12 million ridesharing trips to and from the airport. Of these trips, 5 million were not carrying passengers—referred to as “deadheading.” Through collaboration with Uber and Lyft, Massport hopes to reduce the number of passenger-less ridesharing vehicles at the airport and on Route 1A.

In a statement, Massport Acting CEO John Pranckevicius said: “This transportation strategy is aimed at improving the customer experience, reducing empty vehicles clogging our roadways, reducing greenhouse gases, and making HOV options more attractive for our customers.”

Under the proposal, Uber and Lyft fees for Logan Airport rides (to and from) would increase to $5.00, from $3.50. Pooled rides would have a fee of $2.50 per rider.

Another major change that could come from this proposal is the creation of a single drop-off and pick-up location for Uber and Lyft, likely at the ground floor of the Central Garage. This would be a big adjustment for riders who are accustomed to catching their ride directly from the terminal.

Finally, the Massport proposal sets a goal to double Logan Express (LEX) ridership from 1.8 million riders annually to 4 million by increasing the number of trips from the most popular locations (Braintree and Framingham) and expanding parking capacity for bus riders.

In support of this goal, there is already a plan to begin Logan Express curbside service from North Station that would cost $3 to get to Logan, and would be free for rides from Logan to North Station, starting next year. And in May this year, the Copley Square LEX pickup location will be relocated to the Back Bay Station for greater convenience to MBTA and orange line riders.

Massport’s Board is expected to vote on the proposal in April.