Boston, MA - A US Citizenship and Immigration Service office located near Boston has been working with ICE employees to arrest certain undocumented residents.

According to recent e-mails that have been released, this matter has become very serious. Officials are setting up interviews for US citizens and their undocumented immigrant spouses. Such undocumented immigrant spouses are now being trapped into arrest during the legal status interviews. Such interviews have recently been scheduled for a time where ICE agents would be available, and willing, to arrest the immigrants. In some instances, the ICE agents are going so far as to start the deporting of such immigrants.

The ACLU e-mails claimed that the ICE agents are doing this to initiate a sort of ‘trap’ for the undocumented immigrant spouses. According to the ACLU, ICE agents are asking for the interviews to be spread out over a length of time so that agents will not get caught in media scrutiny.

Five couples from Massachusetts, each couple including a US citizen and a non-US citizen being married, are a part of the huge lawsuit that led to the finding of these e-mails. The e-mails were submitted as evidence in the court hearing on Monday. None of them specified who the five couples involved in the case were. The e-mails do, however, show DHS in New England using the process by which immigrants apply for citizenship to target certain undocumented immigrants with the final order to deport them.

DHS and attorneys involved in the case decline to comment at this time.

The e-mails originated in early October of 2017, with the first one showing a USCIS employee e-mailing an ICE employee a list of people looking to get permanent citizenship here. The USCIS employee asked the ICE employee to go over the list and decide which immigrants would be subject to removal. In addition, the two employees worked out a scheduling technique in order to have minimal attention drawn to them. If any men or women were of interest to the ICE employee regarding situations such as criminal convictions, the interview would take place and the arrest would be made.