Boston, MA - Boston Police have arrested two men for possessing and distributing cocaine and heroin in Boston’s South End.

As of recent, there has been an ongoing drug investigation taking place in the South End of Boston. Two police officers have been assigned to the Citywide Drug Control Unit to stop the possession and distribution of drugs such as cocaine and heroin in areas surrounding Massachusetts Avenue and Albany Street in the South End.

The two suspects found at fault have been identified as two males, 33-year-old Jhonny Gonzalez and 39-year-old Josue Cotto. Both men resided in Boston for quite some time.

Gonzalez was charged with possession and intent to distribute Class A drugs. He was also charged with actual distribution of Class A drugs along with conspiracy to violate drug laws. Cotto was charged with two of the same crimes: Distribution of Class A drugs and conspiracy to violate drug laws.

This specific drug investigation has been ongoing for a lengthy amount of time. According to Boston Police, once they found both Gonzalez and Cotto at fault, they also found further information out. Reports have stated that Gonzalez has had multiple warrants out for his arrest recently. In the past, Gonzalez has been charged with carrying and trafficking 200 grams of Class A drugs along with trafficking cocaine. He has also been caught distributing Class A drugs as of recent. The police have stated that Cotto has not been found guilty of other drug trafficking crimes as of yet.

As of now, both suspects are to be arraigned at Boston Municipal Court. It is unclear if they have anyone representing them at this time.

According to reports, no further information is to be leaked at this time. No additional suspects have been found guilty of possessing and distributing cocaine and heroin in surrounding areas of Boston’s South End. The investigation has yet to be closed. The investigation has yet to be released to the public as to whether or not it will stay open for a certain period of time going forward.