Boston, MA - This past weekend, two gay bars received threatening phone calls at approximately the same time on consecutive nights. Reports from the bar prompted police officials to start an investigation on both of the bars.

Police Commissioner William G. Gross was interviewed on the matter yesterday afternoon, stating, “We don’t take any threats lightly.” He continued on, saying that people should be able to step foot into an establishment in Boston and truly enjoy themselves, without having to worry about their safety. Gross does not want Boston and surrounding cities to have a reputation concerning any threats of any kind.

Each threatening phone call targeted a different establishment. The first call was answered by an employee of dbar. This restaurant and nightclub is located on Dorchester Ave. The phone call was received Friday night.

The second call targeted The Alley Bar. This nightclub is located downtown. The phone call was received on Saturday night.

Both calls were received at approximately 7:30 p.m. on both nights.

Police officials are neglecting to tell the public if the two incidents were related, as of now. No further information has been leaked regarding the nature of the threats via phone call.

While being interviewed, Gross added with great assurance that all angles of the incidents will be investigated in full. Going forward, every threat will be taken extremely seriously, and the police division will try their hardest to find the person responsible for the matter. Captain McLaughlin, Captain Fong, and Captain Sweeney have all been notified of this improved system.

Gross and the entire police department in and around Boston want their citizens to feel safe. Any threat is concerning to these officials and their departments, and they want the folks living in and coming to places in and around Boston to know that the police will have their backs with threatening situations.

When the employees, managers, and owners were asked to be interviewed from dbar and The Alley Bar, they all politely declined the offer. No further information is available to the public at this time.