Boston, MA - A working member of the Tufts Medical Center, a doctor, specifically, recently died after being hit by falling ice in the White Mountains. Sources say she was on a hiking trip with her family in New Hampshire’s White Mountains when the incident happened, and the falling ice accidentally fell on her head. The local hospital confirmed said details.

This past Sunday, December 23, 2018, Dr. Judith Pinsker, a member of the Tufts Medical Center team, passed away after being struck by a solid piece of ice that fell from Frankenstein Cliff in the Crawford Notch area of the White Mountains. Immediately following the incident, many witnesses had gathered together in a group effort to attempt to help Pinsker before it was too late, but she had not received medical attention in enough time to save her life.

Mountain rescue member Joe Klementovich stated that he had left her with other witnesses to hurry and get down to south coverage to call 911 and request an ambulance and helicopter. Once medical personnel loaded her on a stretcher and started carrying her down the mountains, they assessed that she had serious injuries and was unconscious the entire way down.

Klementovich stated when asked, that Pinsker had severe trauma to the head and severe blood loss. The doctor on scene was providing both CPR and rescue breathing on time of arrival.

Pinsker was a member of the Tufts Medical Center team for approximately 20 years, where she offered her services to people as a primary care physician. She currently resided in Wellesley with her husband and her children.

The hospital came forward to state in an interview that, “There are no words at times like these.” Hospital members also stated that the Pinsker family will be in their thoughts this holiday season.

Klementovich went on to state that the rain and warm weather leading up to the weekend may have led the ice to melt. He continued in his statement by saying that this was no freak accident, it was simply an unfortunate accident.