Boston Bruins Win Game One Against St. Louis Blues, 4-2
After they were down 2-0, the Bruins scored four unanswered goals for a glorious win last night. Highlight was Torey Krug’s helmetless body check to the Blues’ Robert Thomas. Video at link. [Sports Illustrated]

Bill Buckner Passes Away at Age 69
Bill Buckner played 22 seasons of major league baseball, but he is perhaps best known for his error in the 1986 World Series, which many saw as the nail in the coffin for the Red Sox that series. Many sports fans and players paid tribute in honor of his long career. Buckner passed away from complications of Lewy Body Dementia.  [ESPN]

Life Insurer Fabric Includes Boston on List of Cities with Best Family Friendly Public Transportation
Why is a life insurer talking about public transportation? It’s much safer than driving: 40 to 70 times safer, according to the Department of Transportation. And apparently the MBTA’s approval rate is 68.8%? [Fabric]

SNL Comedian Michael Che Bombs in Boston Calling Set
Che was frank in his self-assessment, saying: “This was bad.” He apologized to the fans in an Instagram story: “Ohhhhhhh man… i owe you one, boston! yiiiiiiiiiikes!!” Che wrote. “goddamn, that crowd was amazing! i stunk. but you guys were f****** dope. THANKS.” []  

The Transformation of the Appalachian Trail Killer From Cape Cod
James Jordan, 30, originally of West Yarmouth, is accused in the stabbing death of another Appalachian Trail hiker, veteran Ronald Sanchez Jr., age 43. The Boston Globe spoke to those who knew Jordan growing up, painting a picture of substance abuse and mental illness. [Boston Globe]

Will Dustin Pedroia Ever Play Again?
The longtime Red Sox team member was added to the 60-day injury list, the most recent injury of many over the past two years. His knee continues to give him problems after an injury in 2017 that required cartilage replacement surgery. He was quoted as saying “I’m not sure” when asked if he thinks he will play again. [ESPN]