Boston Marathon 2019 Winners
Worknesh Degefa of Ethiopia won the women’s race and Lawrence Cherono of Kenya won the men’s race. Daniel Romanchuk of the U.S. won the men’s wheelchair race, the first American to do so since 1993, and Manuela Schär of Switzerland won the women’s wheelchair race. One of the most exciting moments came at the men’s finish line, where Cherono outran Lelisa Desisa by just two seconds, making it the closest Boston Marathon race in 30 years. []

Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld Announces He’ll Run Against Trump in the Republican Primary
It’s very unusual for the incumbent to face a challenge from within his own party, but President Trump is just that polarizing. Weld, 73, was a popular Republican governor of Massachusetts from 1991 to 1997. His campaign has said that he “...believes that we must preserve the democratic institutions of our Republic: the rule of law, a free and open press, and America's global leadership in maintaining a freer, safer world.” [NBC]

One Out of Every Three MBTA Retirees in 2018 Was Under 55
People in their 40s are retiring from the MBTA with annual pensions over $60,000. The increasing number of young retirees is putting an unsustainable strain on the pension fund. While the state passed a law in 2009 to dial back this extravagant pension benefit, the new rules only apply to those hired after 2012, so there has been little change in the number of young MBTA retirees. [Boston Globe]

No Trafficking Charges Against the Spa Where Robert Kraft Allegedly Paid Sex Workers
Prosecutors have disclosed that there is no evidence of human trafficking at the Orchids of Asia spa. Kraft’s lawyers have filed a motion to suppress from the evidence any video of him in the spa; his lawyers say the cameras placed by the investigation team were illegal. Also, apparently Patriots fans are unconcerned about the charges against Kraft, as they gave him a standing ovation at the Celtics game on Sunday. [NECN]

Low and Middle Class Earners Pay a Higher Percentage of Their Incomes to State and Local Taxes
This study is a couple months old now, but worth noting again as the tax deadline approaches (Tomorrow, Wednesday April 17th, is the last day to file your taxes in Massachusetts). Data from the Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center shows that the bottom 20% of earners in the state pay on average 10% of their income to state and local taxes, while the top 1% of earners pay around 6.8%. The organization argues for balancing out the tax pyramid so that higher earners pay the same percentage or more. [MBPC]

The Red Sox Lose to the Orioles 8-1 on Patriots Day
It’s been a really rough start for the Red Sox this season. A second win against the Orioles would have been a nicer sendoff for their trips to New York and Tampa Bay. [Boston 25 News]

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