Gov. Baker Defends Decision To Activate National Guard.

Gov. Baker ended the activation of 1,000 National Guard members on Monday sharing that he was concerned about protests.  [NECN]

Massachusetts Primary 2020 Live Updates.

Voting will close across the state by 8 p.m. []

Update: Latest Coronavirus Cases In Massachusetts.

As of Tuesday, 354 new coronavirus cases have been reported with 4 new deaths. [NECN]

Boston Dynamics' Robot Able To Remotely Take A Patients’ Vital Signs.

Researchers have been using robots to assess patients with possible COVID-19 in an attempt to keep medical staff safe. [CBS Boston]

Charlie Baker Shares Who He Voted For In The Massachusetts Senate Primary.

Baker shared the news during a press conference on Tuesday. []

Celtics Player Tacko Fall Learning To Swim In The Bubble.

Jaylen Brown and Enes Kanter have been teaching Tacko in the bubble. [WCVB]

Man Giving Out 'COVID Hugs' Still Being Sought By Police.

Police are still looking for a man in Western Massachusetts who reportedly hugged a Walmart shopper while telling the individual he has coronavirus. [CBS Boston]

Worcester Probate and Family Court Closes Down Temporarily.

The court was shut down after a staff member tested position for the coronavirus. [Masslive]

Autopsy Released For Fort Hood Soldier, Sgt. Elder Fernandes.

A Dallas medical examiner has shared that Fernandes died after hanging himself. [WWLP]

Massachusetts Residents On Unemployment Could See Additional Money This Week.

The state's office for Labor & Workforce Development has shared that lost wages will be received by eligible residents by Wednesday.  [WCVB]

Image via Wikimedia Commons