Boston, MA– Has there ever been a sports team that has gotten so entangled in this many political controversies over such a small period of time? The Boston Red Sox were just finally coming out the other side of an uncomfortable and contentious controversy surrounding who would and who would not attend the White House ceremony for the 2018 World Series championship team.

Ultimately, Alex Cora’s decision to skip the event made waves in national headlines and on social media, but many players still attended anyway. No matter, everyone had their reactions to the situation and it passed, eventually, and the team was ready to move on. Of course, this would not be so easy, as the political strife began to spill over onto the baseball field.

Dion Cini is a man who has made a name for himself in the past year as the “Trump banner guy.” He was banned from Walt Disney World when he twice unfurled a banner that supported Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential re-election campaign. Once, he showed the banner on Splash Mountain and the other time, he showed it from the train station on Main Street, U.S.A. The act was against Disney policy and Cini is not allowed back. Now, he has gotten himself ejected from another beloved American institution by pulling the same stunt at Fenway Park.

Attempting to capitalize on the White House visit controversy, Cini waved the banner during a recent game between Boston and the Seattle Mariners. He later claimed responsibility for the moment on Twitter, but not before other fans ripped the banner down and Red Sox officials ejected him from Fenway. In an apolitical statement, the team said, “The fans were in violation of the club’s signage policy.”

It is a distraction that Boston definitely does not need, as they have finally been returning to form with an 8-2 record in their last ten games, with a number of consecutive series won and a spot just four games back of first place in the AL East. The team finally has momentum and hopefully they will not let politics get in the way.