BOSTON - A truck driver appeared in court on Friday after allegedly dumping cement on a car during the rush hour commute on interstate 93 southbound in Wilmington on Thursday morning.

Michael Boucher was driving a cement truck when he reportedly became angered by another driver going to slow. He dumped cement on that vehicle before hitting a nurse, Susan Hawes, in her vehicle. Hawes, who spoke to NBC 10 about the road rage incident, was terrified.

“The state trooper said the guy had a road rage incident, he dumped concrete on the car, and then barreled right into me as he was trying to flee,” Hawes shared. Adding, “Who flees in a concrete truck?”

During his appearance in court on Friday, Boucher became very angry after being held on $15,000 bail. He had to be removed from the court after shouting obscenities.

“I didn’t do anything! “Boucher said while being led out of the court room.

According to those witnessed the road rage incident, Boucher dumped cement on a car before hitting the driver, injuring his hand. It was after that that Boucher tried to flee the scene, hitting Hawes' vehicle before he was arrested.

Luckily, Hawes only suffered minor injuries from the incident.

"I lost feeling in two fingers in my hand," she said. "I have a lot of soft tissue damage."

Boucher's lawyer Sean Delaney argued in his defense that Boucher lost control of his cement truck but a commercial motor vehicle expert argued otherwise.

As shared in court, Boucher is currently on probation for prior incidents involving assault and breaking and entering. 

“It doesn’t make sense that he would risk being a model probationer and he's going to risk his livelihood and the financial support he gives his wife and handicapped son,” Boucher's lawyer, Sean Delaney said.

Boucher has been charged with assault, destruction of property as well as disorderly conduct. He is due back in court later this month.