Boston, MA– 2018 was an eventful year for regional craft beer favorite Trillium Brewing. Amid a highly public controversy related to alleged pay cuts for minimum wage employees and accusations of brewing practices below industry standards, the brewery was still able to maintain both staunch loyalty and four entries in Beer Advocate’s coveted “Top Rated U.S. Beers” list.

But in the world of craft beer, the need for expansion is as critical as the need for brand distinction. In early November, Trillium unveiled their expanded taproom in the Fort Point neighborhood to popular acclaim and national attention. Now they’ve announced that a third location will open in the Fenway this year. To further their expansion, the company acquired a portion of the former Reebok manufacturing property on Royall St in Canton as the new site of their operations base.

The Fenway location will consist of a 1,500 square foot tap room, with an open air patio and greenhouse designed by Studio Troika on the front lawn of the 401 Park development—soon to be home to the Boston location of Time Out Market, the digital media agency’s planned "food and cultural market based wholly on editorial curation."

"We are so excited to build two completely new destinations for our customers, creating a permanent home in Canton and establishing roots in a new neighborhood of Boston that we love," stated Trillium Brewing Company’s Co-Founder Esther Tetreault in a press release last week. "We have the opportunity to create spaces, learning from our growth over the last six years, to create a really great work place for our team and a more fun and comfortable experience for our guests."

Rumors of Trillium’s acquisition of 1/5th of the Reebok property—which moved to the Seaport District in 2017—were noted as early as November of last year, but were unconfirmed until late last week.

A statement on the brewery’s site noted that visitors to the new 144,000 square foot facility in Canton can “expect an elevated taproom/patio experience for enjoying your beers, an easier process for grabbing something to share at home, more space for on-site events, and a restaurant to fill your stomach with more than beer.”

“We are not interested in sending our beer all over the place,” founder JC Tetreault told Brewbound last week. “We are focusing on making sure that the places we built and committed to having a great selection and that there is always something fresh.”

Trillium’s Fenway location is scheduled to open in late 2019, while the brewery anticipates the move from its current operations facility to gradually take place over several years.

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Image via Wikimedia Commons / Walshc22