Boston, MA - The loss of Anthony Bourdain has been felt around the world. His reach was far beyond that of the culinary world, bringing cultures and people together with food as the backdrop. In many ways, his program was about showing us that whether you're from New England, New Jersey, or even Vietnam, a meal with strangers can quickly become a dinner with new friends.

As a writer and lover of food of all types, it is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to the great Anthony Bourdain. His legacy will certainly live on through every world traveler who goes off of the beaten path to indulge in the tastes, smells and sounds that the region's locals can cook up.

Many restateurs, some of whom met Anthony during his visits to our city, will mourn his loss. Here are a few of the locations that Anthony Bordain visited in and around Boston...

Below, you will see a shot of Anthony Bordain visiting Belle Isle Seafood

(Photo courtessy of Travel Channel)

Belle Isle Seafood East Boston

Rondo's Sub Shop South Boston

Michael's Deli Brookline

The Galley Diner South Boston

Spiritus Pizza Provincetown

Greenhills Irish Bakery Dorchester

The Lobster Pot Provincetown

Shady Glen Diner Turners Falls

The Flagship Provincetown

The Snack Bar (Closed) Cambridge

As we all know, these are just a few of the amazing places to find delicious food in the Boston Area. We wish there were more on this list, but with this fairwell, so too is it the end of era. And yet, with every end comes a new beginning. Anthony Bourdain blazed a trail for the rest of us to follow. His shoes are among the largest one can try to fill, but I have to think that he would be happy to know that we, like many others will seek to follow in his footsteps, bringing people together for a tasty breakfast, a solemn lunch or a boisterous dinner.