Belmont, MA - The incident occurred in Belmont, Massachusetts on Tuesday, November 27, 2018 – According to officials and witnesses, a wheel of a commuter rail train detached from the car and derailed earlier this morning. Because of this, many commuters were subject to long commutes to and/or from work and school this morning.

The Fitchburg commuter rail line’s train had a mishap this morning when the train’s wheel shockingly came off of the track. The incident happened near Waverly Place on the Belmont/Waltham line. According to witnesses, the occurrence happened at around 8 a.m. Train 404 on the Fitchburg line was the train involved in the matter.

Officials came forward after the incident to state that the train on the Fitchburg line was involved in an upright derailment near the town of Waltham. The MBTA shared this information with people in a public statement later on, once the situation was under control.

All officials did the best job they could do to minimize the disruption to passengers and to ensure all commutes and travels were complete as efficiently as possible.

At the time of the incident, there were approximately 800 passengers traveling on the train. Once the train derailed, several passengers exited the train to find another means of transportation in hopes that they didn’t have to wait all morning to get to work or school. Still, other commuters stayed on the train to wait for an alternative transportation provided by another commuter rail.

No injuries were reported regarding the derailment of this specific train. Some were alarmed, but no serious issues were brought to official’s attention.

The cause of the situation is currently under investigation. There are no leads as to what could have possibly happened as of yet. Operators of the train and passengers have little information about the incident. All information present in this article is currently known by the public.

When more information is available, updates will be released. Until then, the case will remain under investigation. Officials are hopeful that an incident like this will not be likely to happen again in the near future.