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Town Officials Walks Back Request for Wellesley Man to Take Down “Impeach Trump” Sign

Town Officials Walks Back Request for Wellesley Man to Take Down “Impeach Trump” Sign

Wellesley, MA - The town of Wellesley issued a violation against a resident recently after receiving a complaint from a concerned citizen. According to reports, the violation was issued due to the man’s red, white and blue patriotic sign stating the U.S. should “Impeach Trump.”

The sign can be seen at Dan Chiasson’s home between Route 16 and Route 9 in Wellesley, Massachusetts. The poet, Chiasson, teaches at Wellesley College and is employed as a writer for The New Yorker. Last June, Chiasson thought to make a sign with the words “Impeach Trump” on it. The sign was 12-foot by 2.5-foot.

On Monday, January 28, 2019, Zoning Enforcement Officer Michael Grant issued the violation. The paperwork stated that if the sign was not removed from the front of the house within seven days, Chiasson would be fined $300 every day thereafter.

The initial reason for the violation issuance was due to the sign being too large according to government rules. Wellesley town officials stated they had nothing against the message presented on the sign, as Chiasson has the freedom to speak his mind here in America. That was Chiasson’s initial concern, that his right to freedom of speech was being taken away, but that was not the case.

The town’s communication manager, Stephanie Hawkinson, came forward to state that the violation was dismissed after officials took a look at previous federal court cases regarding similar signs. After the violation was dismissed, Chiasson stated he was happy with the outcome of the events that happened this week.

Hawkinson also came forward to state that after this violation was stated and dismissed, town officials gathered together to conclude that the bylaws of the town had to be looked at again. According to her, the town needs a thorough review of such bylaws in order to proceed and correctly make decisions in the future.

No additional citizens have come forward to give their opinion on the matter. The editing of bylaws is underway and the outcomes have yet to be released, too.