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Tourists Report Body Floating in the Charles River Earlier this Morning

Tourists Report Body Floating in the Charles River Earlier this Morning

Boston, MA - Tourists on a Boston duck boat excursion allegedly spotted a dead body floating in the Charles River earlier this morning.

At approximately 10 a.m., visitors on the morning Boston duck boat tour were sightseeing. A famous attraction that many recognize in Boston, the duck boat is a car able to travel both on water and on land. On this particular day, the trip on the Charles River spotted more than the normal sights and landmarks. As they were looking around the river, they gasped in horror at what their eyes allowed them to see: a floating, dead body rocking over the tiny waves.

As the alarmed people reported the sight to those in charge on the boat, they scurried to tell the remaining tourists around them. The Coast Guard were soon called to the scene to handle the case. Supposedly, they arrived at the surrounding waters around about 11 a.m. to investigate the scene and take care of the body.

As the hours went by, and as the Coast Guard and local police officers brought the body to shore, neighboring people wondered what truly happened, and how the man died the way he did.

At approximately 4 p.m., Boston police officers reported that the person was a 59-year-old Boston man. Unfortunately, reports of the man stated that he had gone missing prior to the catastrophic event, and that people were looking for him for quite some time.

The Boston man has now been removed from the portion of the Charles River under the Longfellow Bridge. State police are actively investigating the scene and anything that may have lead to the body being found in the river. Later in the week, once all the necessary medical procedures are done, the medical examiner will report back to the public and the police, giving us the news we so uneagerly await: The cause of death.

As of right now, there is no further information available for the public to know. Yet, even still, neighboring people and towns are wondering if this has anything to do with the serial killer theory. Maybe we’ll have some closure when we find out the cause.