BOSTON - Perhaps nothing is sacred in Boston anymore! Imagine if, at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, the officials who worked for the major tourist attraction opted to close the Rainbow Room and the Top of the Rock. It would be a travesty! There would be revolting in the streets! That is basically what is happening in Boston now as our equivalent of the Comcast Building, the Prudential Tower, is going to be undergoing a major transformation with the announcement of a number of closures for staples inside of the most recognizable skyscraper in the Boston skyline.

The fifty-second floor, which features the Top of the Hub, has hosted the most gorgeous outlet for views of the beautiful Back Bay for fifty-four years in its restaurant. Two floors below, the Skywalk Observatory has made for a lovely vantage point above the city, as well. However, it was announced yesterday that both locations in the Prudential Tower will be closed on April 18 after decades delighting the community of Boston. The decision was told to Select Restaurants, Inc., which operates both of the spots in the tower, by Boston Properties, the managing group of the tower.

In a statement explaining the surprising closures of such Boston staples in the tower, the chairman of this management group, John Quagliata, released a statement in a press release. He said, "Despite continued sales growth, a commitment to once again invest millions of dollars in the restaurant, and our heartfelt desire to operate the restaurant as we have for decades, Boston Properties chose not to extend our lease."

Not much is known about what is going to come in to replace the Top of the Hub and the Skywalk Observatory, but according to reports from The Boston Globe, a newly-designed observatory is currently in the works. The closure in April, though, will result in over two hundred people put out of work. For many of them, it undoubtedly came as a shock.

In a statement provided to Boston's CBS News station, Dan Andelman of The Phantom Gourmet said, “Top of the Hub has been around forever. If you’ve been there, you remember it. If people came from out of town, you would take them there.” He foresees many longtime city staples closing in the coming years. I hope his predictions do not come true.

Image via Yelp/Sophie P.