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Top 3 Free (or VERY Cheap) Activities to do This Summer in Boston

Top 3 Free (or VERY Cheap) Activities to do This Summer in Boston

Boston, MA– Recently, my friend had a day off and was complaining that she was sitting around her house during a beautiful, sunny day. I asked her "why don't you go out and do something?" To which she replied, "because everything fun costs money."

Now, I'll admit that during the winter here, it is difficult to find things to do that are affordable. But once it warms up outside, that's not the case. Here, I've put together a quick list of some ideas for when you're feeling stuck at home on a gorgeous day.

  • Enjoy a day in a park! This idea is truly the most straightforward, and yet doesn't seem to happen enough. Pack a PB & J or a ham & cheese, bring a book, something to draw on, maybe a small speaker. Boston has loads of beautiful parks to lounge around in. The most obvious would be the Public Gardens, but I encourage you to check out the Arnold Arboretum. Accessible by the T (orange line) this stunning park/plant museum has seemingly infinite paths and never feels too crowded. It's an excellent place to spend a day off enjoying our city.
  • Go biking! If sitting around all day in a park just isn't your style, our city has improved tremendously in the past few years adding many great bike paths all over. If you own a bike, there are so many great routes you can take! I recommend going along the Charles River, or the South Bay Harbor trail. If you're feeling adventurous, a bike ride out to Walden pond is scenic and doable. If you don't own a bike, you can rent ones daily from bike shops, or just go through the bike sharing apps like Bluebikes which will run no more than $10 a day.
  • Go to a concert! If you're feeling artsy, Boston has you covered. With the ParkARTS program, you can catch free concerts, events, and even movies all around parks in Boston. Watch their website for upcoming shows!

Those are just 3 ideas, but there are always free festivals, concerts, or outdoor performances popping up this time of year. Check out the Boston Calendar for all the happenings. And enjoy the nice weather, it doesn't last long enough...

Image via Flickr / Kevin Burkett