BOSTON - In the past, it feels like I have mostly dabbled with countdowns pertaining to sports. Whether it was the best Red Sox players of all-time, the best Bruins ever, or the best of the decade, sports is a very easy category in which to rank various things. But I thought it would be fun to introduce a countdown topic that would vary quite a bit from sports and rank the top ten Boston movies ever made. Granted, there will be a bit of recency bias (and a ton of controversy) for these. But all disagreements are welcome because that's what makes film discussion so fun!

10. Black Mass

Black Mass is one of the defining crime movies from Boston because it tackles one of the defining criminals to ever roam the city: Whitey Bulger. Directed by Scott Cooper and billed as the definitive tale of the notorious mob leader, Black Mass was met with sky-high expectations, most of which were met. It is gripping, if not always thrilling, but still makes for an immensely quality Boston production. It couldn't have been made without the city, after all.

The ensemble cast is worth enough to flock to the film on their own. Johnny Depp, Benedict Cumberbatch, Joel Edgerton, Kevin Bacon, Dakota Johnson, Corey Stoll, Jesse Plemons, David Harbour, Jeremy Strong, Adam Scott. And that's just to name a few.

9. Fever Pitch

This one might be a very skeptical entrant onto the list because of how many Red Sox fans actually have a strong distaste for Fever Pitch. The Farrelly Brothers-directed film is a romantic comedy that centers around one Sox fan's devotion to his favorite baseball team over the course of the 2004 season. Because of that magical World Series run, Fever Pitch has managed to live on much longer than anyone thought.

The skepticism from Bostonians comes from the fact that Jimmy Fallon, portraying the lead, is a Yankees fan and not a Red Sox fan. But true Fallon fans know that sports have never really been his thing anyway.

Besides, his chemistry with Drew Barrymore is impeccably sweet and for rom-com fans, this has definitely been one of the best in the genre to come out over the course of this twenty-first century. If you need a rom-com to watch for Valentine's Day tonight, Fever Pitch is the way to go.

Image via Wikimedia Commons