BOSTON - It seems like every week comes with a new report from some travel magazine about the best "something" in this country. The best Hanukkah celebration, the best pumpkin patch. There's always a topic to rank!

Fortunately, it seems like New England locations are always being included on these lists. Namely, Portland, Maine was just named one of the top travel destinations in the entire world. What's more, The Wall Street Journal has ranked Logan Airport has the fifteenth best airport in the United States.

The ranking from the website is not based off of opinions of travelers, but rather from a calculated score to determine the merits of Logan Airport. Included in the data research were wait times, number of delays, parking availability, and more.

According to Logan Airport's score, which was a 42.78 out of 100, the airport could afford to have better parking and more flights arriving on time in Boston (though, this is often out of Logan's control). With renovations currently underway at Logan, it seems like these are exactly the steps that transportation officials are taking to improve the airport.

In terms of where Logan Airport performed well in the study, it was determined that Logan is number one in the nation for distance between destinations that passengers have to walk to and number two for security wait times.

The airport that ranked number one on the list was Arizona's Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

The ranking of Logan Airport comes ahead of the report that two commercial flights were recently exposed to a green laser light that was pointed at each of them when they were roughly above Bedford, as reported by CBS.

Currently, an investigation is underway, but this would certainly be a cause for concern for flights coming to Logan if the catalyst cannot be uncovered.

What do you think? Should Logan be higher than fifteenth on the list? Personally, I adore Logan and have almost never had problems there, but I would need to check out more airports to compare and see if they do it better than Boston does.

Image Via Wikimedia Commons