FOXBOROUGH - Every day, it seems like a new story or anonymous report from "sources" pops up about free-agent quarterback Tom Brady. Some reporters claim that Brady has never wanted to leave New England and he merely wanted to test the free agency waters. Others claim that they would be absolutely stunned if Brady returned to the Patriots next season. I have been a bit wary of writing about any of these claims because of the belief I had that no one actually had any idea what Brady wanted to do.

But now, I feel comfortable writing about the latest development because it affirms that no one has any idea what Brady wants to do. And who confirmed this notion? None other than Tom Brady himself. He did this by saying, "Nobody knows anything." That's pretty good evidence, after all.

This quote comes courtesy of SiriusXM NFL Radio's Charlie Weis who said on his show last week, as shared by WEEI.

"I’ve been texting with Tommy. I don’t pass along these conversations, but one thing he told me: 'Nobody knows anything. So, anyone who is telling you they know, they don’t know.'"

That's straight from Brady's mouth, after all, even though it might come across like Weis is just trying to brag that he has Brady's phone number. I'd like it, too, Weis, but you don't see me making a big deal about it!

While this is obviously not really anything new about Brady, it does seem to at least confirm that Brady is curious to see how the new collective bargaining agreement shakes out before he leans one way or the other. Depending on how much money teams have to work with, Brady could make a decision that comes across as financially-responsible. Either way, we won't know anything for certain until at least this Friday, when the CBA vote concludes.

I have a good feeling, though. For one, I am reassured that Brady hasn't disparaged the Patriots, the team he's played two decades for. And for another, the press tour of Julian Edelman, actively backing Brady's return and calling for it on social media and in athletic events with Jimmy Fallon nearby, seems like a good sign. Would Jules be joking around about it if Brady was 100% not coming back? I think not. But what I think doesn't matter. As stated by Tommy, of course. (Yes, I can call him that, too, Weis!)

Image via Wikimedia Commons