Boston, MA - As sports fans, we are entitled to our opinions, however nonsensical, outlandish, or disconnected from reality those beliefs may be. Journalist, on the other hand, are held to a higher standard, as one Pittsburgh TV station employee found out after criticizing the New England Patriots QB Tom Brady.

A Pittsburgh TV station employee was fired from his job after displaying an unsavory graphic on a live broadcast. Including footage of Brady, a chyron (an digital caption superimposed on a television screen) described the legendary Pats quarterback as a “known cheater.”

The joke was offensive to some and comical to others. To the station, it was likely seen as a potential lawsuit. According to officials at the Pittsburgh television station, the chyron referenced the New England Patriots past. Many chose to interpret it as an attack on Tom Brady’s deflated football scandal back in 2016. The scandal happened to lead to a four-game suspension for the beloved quarterback during the season.

The station in Pittsburgh did not appreciate the chyron released by one of its workers on Monday’s broadcast. Though it only displayed on the screen for approximately two seconds, it still involuntarily affected the station’s credibility to act as a professional news station.

One official working at the station directly came forward in an interview to state why the situation bothered all workers; according to the interview, the person that came forward stated that the graphic that appeared on Monday’s broadcast was not acting in accordance to the news stations standards. Though fans are allowed to have their own personal opinions, the station believes that all workers must report unbiased information, therefore pushing their opinions and personal thoughts aside for the time being.

After the graphic was shown on television for approximately two seconds, it was quickly picked up by other sources. According to reports, the graphic was shared rather quickly on Twitter after it appeared on television. Sports Illustrated obtained the chyron, too.

The Pittsburg TV station would like all viewers to know that this, and similar acts, will not be tolerated. They apologize for any inconvenience.

Tom Brady and players/coaches from the New England Patriots have not come forward to provide any commentary on the matter.

Tom Brady will be playing in his 9th Super Bowl this upcoming Sunday, February 3, 2019. The Super Bowl will be held in Atlanta, Georgia.