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Tom Brady Debuts His Twitter Account With Stomach-Churning April Fool's Day Joke

Tom Brady Debuts His Twitter Account With Stomach-Churning April Fool's Day Joke

Foxborough, MA– There was speculation that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady might retire after winning his sixth Super Bowl championship this past February, and he was even asked the question during the requisite post-game interview. Brady, however, has made it clear time and time again that he intends on playing deep into his forties and that he can't wait to get back to work on winning a seventh title during the 2019-20 season.

Patriots fans, however, might have felt some intense pangs of doubt yesterday when Tom Brady joined Twitter and announced that he would be retiring so he could spend more time tweeting.

I'm retiring. In my spare time, I'll be tweeting #LFG— Tom Brady (@TomBrady) April 1, 2019

Fortunately, upon checking the calendar, Patriots fans quickly surmised that Brady's retirement announcement was merely an April Fool's joke. He later responded as such to his first ever tweet with the question, "Was this a bad joke?" Many Patriots fans would probably answer in the affirmative, but so did Julian Edelman, who replied to Brady's tweet with a gif of Michael Scott (Steve Carell) from The Office, whispering, "Don't you dare."

It was, of course, a joke and a humorous way for one of the greatest sportspeople who ever lived to make his entrance onto the social media platform of our time. Ahead of Super Bowl LI against the Atlanta Falcons, Brady conducted a poll on Facebook to determine what social media platform he should join and the runaway winner was Instagram. Since then, Brady has mastered Instagram as a way to share images and videos of his family, as well as memes about his playing time in the NFL.

It's clear that he's eager to make more jokes on Twitter as well, including the April Fool's prank and a reference to his eagerness to restart his baseball career with the now-defunct Montreal Expos during an interaction with Aqib Talib.

Brady's debut on Twitter was hotly discussed and certainly anticipated because in just two days, the greatest of all-time already has almost 350,000 followers. There's no doubt that it'll be fun to keep up with Brady in a whole new way.