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Tom Brady Leaves Interview After Questions About Contentious Trainer

Tom Brady Leaves Interview After Questions About Contentious Trainer

Foxborough, MA - This morning’s interview with WEEI’s “Kirk & Callahan” was cut short when the New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady decided he no longer wanted to speak about the topic at hand.

Tom Brady ended his phone interview this morning with WEEI after he was repeatedly asked questions regarding his trainer and business partner Alex Guerrero. Kirk Minihane wanted to get the answers out of Brady this morning, but Brady was just not having it.

Minihane started the conversation about Guerrero by asking whether or not the trainer had been on the team plane this past weekend. Minihane casually noted that Guerrero was also not on the team plane or the sidelines for the latter half of the season last year. Brady gave a general response, stating that yes, Guerrero was with him last week.

As the interview went on, Minihane started to ask why he wasn’t allowed last year but now he’s allowed this year. Brady was not enthused by the question and stated he did not want to talk about the topic. Minihane then began to pry and try to get any information he could out of Brady, to which Brady stated he would talk to the host at a later time. Brady then hung up the phone abruptly to end the conversation.

Sources say Coach Bill Belichick revoked Guerrero’s privilege to board the team plane last December. However, Guerrero was allowed back on the plane last Thursday when the Patriots traveled to North Carolina.

Now that Guerrero is reinstated as a approved training staff, sources hope that alleged tension between Brady and Belichick will mellow out. Sources suggested this has been a point of contention between the two Patriots legends.

Coach Belichick has had little to say about the matter. He stated that Guerrero started working for the Patriots during training camp this year, but that is the only information he was willing to give reporters as of now. We still do not know what role Brady’s trainer/business partner will have on the team this year.