Boston, MA - Commuters traveling in Boston have recently heard the updated news on toll prices: They’ll be rising this upcoming year.

That’s not the only information they’ve received, though. In addition to this, commuters have been notified that toll prices will rise only during certain time frames throughout the day. Those traveling in and out of Boston for work or work-related events are outraged, to say the least.

The state has unleashed their plan for the increase of toll prices recently, and they claim to have good reasons for doing so. Their goal is to make those peak traffic hours in the day fade away. Well, not completely, but just enough, so that all commuters won’t have to wait in hours of bumper-to-bumper traffic. The state plans to do this by increasing toll prices during peak traffic hours and by giving an approximate 25% discount to those traveling during non-peak traffic hours.

Commuters have voiced their opinions on the matter without hesitation. Jennifer Calouro of Milton stated that she thinks these future charges are unfair, especially for the citizens that can’t help when they commute. For example, Jennifer stated that not everyone can make their schedules flexible; Most people need that constant 9-5 shift. In the end, it’ll seem as if commuters trying to get to their 9-5 job will be penalized for working, Jennifer states.

To add, Elenah Gorbitskiy of Malden stated toll prices increasing during these times is a horrible idea. Senate President Harriette L. Chandler responded to commuter’s commentary by stating that the state is trying to create a sort of financial incentive to relieve a lot of the traffic on the Mass Pike. While state officials claim this is a good thing, commuter’s see it as an attempt to gain more money.

The toll-road pilot was supposed to be aggressively implemented into the Mass Pike system on October 31st of this year, but because of the public up rise, officials have delayed the start of the pilot to April 1st of next year. Even still, commuter’s hope that the state will give in and get rid of the increased pricing. Time will tell for those traveling through tolls.