Boston, MA - On Wednesday, Toby Keith’s I love This Bar & Grill closed; many customers we’re both shocked and disappointed to hear the news.

The beloved restaurant located in Patriots Place, and right next to Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, has surprisingly closed. The bar first opened back in 2011 and had a good 9 years of excellent business. The restaurant had a mechanical bull and a bar shaped like a guitar; you could ask anybody how spacious it was, and they would respond with ‘very.’

After the Foxborough location closed this past week, many common customers wondered how many current locations were still in operation. According to reports, there are three restaurants located in Oklahoma and one in Las Vegas. Many of these bars throughout the U.S. had to close due to financial and legal situations. In fact, there have been approximately seventeen shut down in the past few years.

Though Toby Keith himself doesn’t have any ownership over the bars, he does collect revenue on the naming rights of the restaurants.

Many customers called Toby Keith’s, previously located in Foxborough, this past week, and all of them came to find that the voicemail box was completely full. Long-time customers could not get into contact with any workers at the location due to the abrupt closure. The great country music revenue will be missed.

According to officials, Toby Keith’s was closed over a mutual agreement between the Patriot Place’s management and the operator of the restaurant. The go-to bar had live country music and hosted many Patriot game gatherings, but that was not enough to keep it open longer. According to The Boston Globe, the Foxborough location had made headlines back in 2016. The article stated that the restaurant/bar had been the last place many drunk drivers had drank before getting arrested. Surprisingly, it was named more than any other restaurant/bar in the state.

Many country bands and singers have come forward to state their opinions on the matter. Annie Brobst, a female country singer, stated that her band was the last to play there. She stated this with sympathy.