CHESTNUT HILL – To say that Tim and Nancy Cushman oversee a restaurant dynasty might seem like a euphemism that’s plainly overwrought. Except in a city where the shelf life of a restaurant can be as little as six months, it’s apt. They’ve been running the astronomically priced O Ya since 2007, earning a nod from the New York Times as the Best New Restaurant of 2008 and eventually expanding its concept as far as Manhattan and Mexico City. But those of us mere peasants who don’t have $38 to spend on nigiri can always take solace in the more moderately priced Hojoko; or if we’re feeling luxuriously wasteful, can travel south to recently opened Roof at Park South or Covina in Manhattan. So it’s no wonder that the dynamic duo were pegged for not one, but two slots at the “editorially curated” Time Out Market—Gogo Ya and Ms Clucks Deluxe.

While they may be known primarily for both conventional and brazen takes on Japanese cuisine, they’re not afraid to tackle Mediterranean or American. And it’s the latter they promise we can expect when they open Bianca in Chestnut Hill later on this winter.

Bianca will focus on wood-grilled techniques, including a smoker, rotisserie and the obligatory wood-fired grills and ovens. And it will be located at perhaps the most appropriate spot for a couple who don’t just describe themselves as restaurateurs but a “multi-concept hospitality focused restaurant group”: The Street, yet another seemingly endless iteration in a series of open air mixed retail “experiences” where shoppers can sip and nibble on such underrepresented chains as Del Frisco’s, Legal Seafoods and Shake Shack in between trips to Pottery Barn and lululemon.

So far the Cushmans are keeping relatively quiet about Bianca, only noting to the Boston Globe that while Bianca means “white” in Italian, it’s emphatically not going to be an Italian restaurant. Rather it refers to a clean slate; which in this case means a family-friendly neighborhood restaurant. “This allows us to do anything we want,” said Tim. “We need an American restaurant, which means almost anything this day.”

Which, in the spirit of what you might expect from Cushman Concepts, could potentially mean a $58 wood grilled pizza and a soundtrack by Isaac Hayes.

The Street is located at 33 Boylston St in Chestnut Hill Opening date for Bianca is yet to be announced. For more information, visit their Instagram @biancachestnuthill

Photo by Thomas Martinsen on Unsplash