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Thursday's Headlines: May 30, 2019

Thursday's Headlines: May 30, 2019

Bruins Lose in Overtime to Blues in Game Two, 3-2
Carl Gunnarsson scored in overtime to give St. Louis the victory. The Bruins were outmatched by the Blues in shots taken: 37-23 during regulation and 4-0 in overtime. Hoping to see the Bruins rally for Saturday’s game three in St. Louis. [Boston Globe]

Some CBD Oils and Medications Allowed on Flights, After Change to TSA Policy
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) changed its cannabis policy earlier this week to allow airline passengers to carry some forms of cannabidiol (CBD) oil and hemp. Marijuana products that contain THC are still prohibited on flights. [NBC]

Amazon to Open Distribution Center in North Andover
In addition to breaking ground on a new building in the Seaport District this week, Amazon has also confirmed plans to build a distribution center in North Andover on Osgood Street. This facility is expected to create around 1500 jobs. [Boston25News]

Wormtown Brewery to Open Location at Patriot Place in Foxborough
The Worcester brewery, known for its Be Hoppy IPA, will open a taproom at Patriot Place this summer. While they won’t serve food, they plan to make menus available from the restaurants nearby for “take-in” delivery orders. [Boston.com]

Massachusetts State Trooper Charged in OT Scandal Says Everyone Was Guilty
Heath P. McAuliffe of Hopkinton is scheduled to be sentenced next week for his role in the overtime scandal. In his letter to the judge, he wrote that while nearly every state trooper on his team was guilty of abusing OT pay with full knowledge of senior officers, “only a handful of us were singled out for federal prosecution.’’ [Boston.com]

Video: This 79-Year-Old South Shore Contractor Will Teach You How to Use White Bread to Solder Pipes
Redditor u/aacook posted a video of some plumbing work by 79-year-old contractor Larry, of the South Shore, who demonstrates his method for preventing leaks while soldering pipes. As many commenters have said, the dude looks great for 79! [Reddit]

Boston Licensing Group to Determine if Insomnia Cookies Can Serve Until 3 a.m.
Insomnia Cookies wants to open a store on Bromfield Street downtown, where they aim to serve warm cookies until 3 in the morning. The Boston Licensing Group will make a decision today, as representatives for downtown businesses have argued that a 2 a.m. closing time would be better for the neighborhood. [UniversalHub]