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Thursday's Headlines: May 16, 2019

Thursday's Headlines: May 16, 2019

Check Your Building’s Elevator Inspection Sticker

Apparently Massachusetts has a backlog of elevators with expired inspection stickers. The state is supposed to inspect all passenger elevators annually, but an I-Team investigation found over 4,500 elevators are operating without current inspection stickers. [CBS Boston]

California Man Pleads Guilty for Threatening to Kill Boston Globe Employees

Robert Chain, 68, pleaded guilty in federal court yesterday for threatening to kill journalists at the Boston Globe last August. He will be sentenced in September and could face up to five years in prison. [U.S. News]

Best and Worst Nursing Homes in Massachusetts

A new government evaluation system for nursing homes in the U.S. has rated the best and worst nursing homes nationwide. Patch reported on the 61 lowest rated nursing homes in Massachusetts that received only one star, as well as the 65 five-star nursing homes in the state are five-star facilities. View all nursing home rankings at the following link: [medicare.gov/nursinghomecompare]

State Flag Challenged By Cambridge City Council

The Massachusetts state flag, which features an indigenous man beneath a sword that belonged to a man who murdered at least one Native American, may be taken down by the Cambridge City Council. City leadership argues that the flag is offensive to Native Americans and supports a state bill to change the flag’s imagery. [Patch]

Here’s the Official Stance of the TSA on Passengers Carrying Marijuana at Logan Airport

In a helpful Instagram post, TSA officials made it clear that discovering marijuana is not their focus, but if they find it, they have to notify law enforcement. [Instagram]

Police Searching for the Creep Assaulting Students on Tufts Campus

There have been two similar attacks over the past week where female students were grabbed around their waist from behind. Both were able to break free from the attacker. Police are searching for the assailant, who was only vaguely seen by the victims and is described as about six feet tall and wearing black clothes. [Boston25News]

Dunkin Releases Signature Nail Polish Colors

Have you ever wished that people could identify you as a Dunkin fan by your nails? Now, they can! Dunkin has released its own nail polish line, created in response to what we can only assume must have been enormous consumer demand. In addition to the classic pink and orange, the line also includes Caramel Craze and Banana Split, along with other drink-inspired hues. [Dunkin]