Landlords Request Eviction Ban To Be Overturned.

A lawyer representing a group of landlords pled their case before a judge on Thursday, calling the ban a violation of the landlords' rights. [WCVB]

Update: Latest Coronavirus Cases Reported.

Massachusetts health officials reported 304 new coronavirus cases and 15 new deaths. [CBS Boston]

Maine Sees Three New Shark Sightings. 

Officials advised beachgoers to be cautious after three sharks were spotted in the water on Wednesday. []

Gov. Baker To Review Limits When It Comes To Gatherings Of People. 

Baker discussed reviewing state guidelines on Thursday due to an increase in COVID-19 cases with some linked to large gatherings. [WCVB]

Dunkin' Donuts Will Require Customers To Wear Face Masks.

The mandatory policy change will take effect in all stores beginning August 5th, the company has announced. [Masslive]

Massachusetts Teachers Association Wants Students To Learn Remotely In Fall.

The association met virtually on Wednesday night to discuss different working models for the return of students to the classroom in the fall.  [Masslive]

Inmate Caught Smuggling Contraband Back Into Prison.

A 31-year-old inmate from Essex House of Corrections was caught trying to smuggle drugs back in the prison after being released due to the coronavirus. [Masslive]

Employees At Holyoke Soldiers’ Home Test Positive For Coronavirus.

Six employees at the home have tested positive for the virus for a second time.  [CBS Boston]

Pfizer Plans To Have Coronavirus Vaccine Ready By Year-End.

The company shared its plans with Gov. Baler who toured their Andover facility today. [WCVB]

UMass Medical School Offers Advice On How To Allow Students To Return To School.

The school shared that frequent testing has allowed them to reopen back in May. [Boston Globe]

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