Brockton, MA– At approximately 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, Brockton police were notified that three men in the area of 35 Longworth Avenue were in possession of guns behind a local building. A concerned citizen phoned in to report what he saw. Police spokesman Darren Duarte claimed that this report helped the Brockton police to "avert a future tragedy."

According to Patch, nine illegally owned firearms were confiscated from three Tennessee men, along with 525 rounds of ammunition; all three men were arrested.

The Enterprise reported that a team of officers including Darvin Anderson, James Parker, and Sean Slattery, along with Sergeants Robert Diliddo and Charles Cassiani, as well as Captain Emmanuel Gomes, reported to the scene on Saturday morning near the Longworth Place Condominiums. When the officers arrived, they found a handgun on the floor of the 1994 Honda Accord that the three men were sitting in. Police searched the car and found nine guns, including one rifle, and multiple rounds of ammunition. The trunk contained more unlicensed guns. Ammunition and magazines were scattered all over the car floor.

The three men from Tennessee were Domenick Everett Barshaw, 18, Theodore Eugene Baskette, 20, and Christopher Smart, 18. None of the arrested men had a license to carry. Barshaw and Baskette were charged with possession of a firearm without a firearms identification card and illegal possession of ammunition. Smart was charged with illegal possession of a large-capacity feeding device.

Police officials found more concerning evidence in addition to the guns and ammunition. According to WCVB, the Brockton Police Department found face masks, red handkerchiefs, and two Kevlar gloves lying on the floor.

Currently, the case is still under investigation. Investigators have yet to determine why the men were in Massachusetts in the first place or what they planned to do with the weapons.

All three men were arraigned yesterday afternoon in Brockton District Court. The judge in charge of the case ordered that Barshaw, Baskette, and Smart be held without bail. A dangerousness hearing is scheduled for Thursday.