Boston – It’s been a less than auspicious start for the Encore Boston Harbor Casino. In less than two months since their opening, complaints have ranged from a class action lawsuit alleging unfavorable odds against blackjack players (some people think casinos should be in the business of giving money away) to local restaurants bemoaning the inability to find adequate staff due to the lure of a $2.5 billion entertainment behemoth.

Then there are the arrests. Over 15 to date, with offenses ranging from cheating at roulette to indecent exposure while drunk (always a classic).

Three separate fights broke out at the gaming facility early Monday morning, resulting in two arrests, one protective custody charge, and one court summons.

Massachusetts state troopers were called after reports of an altercation outside the Memoire night club shortly after 2:00 am. A large number of patrons were involved, with Everett police being called for backup. Taken into custody was Shani Mohamed Abo, 29, of Everett on charges of assault, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest, according to a statement from State police spokesman David Procopio.

Everett police were again called after second fight occurred at approximately 2:15 am in the hotel's main lobby after complaints of a verbal altercation between a man and two women. Police allege Herby Chamant, 25, of Lynn assaulted one of the women and touched her inappropriately. Chamant was arrested on the scene and charged with assault and battery, lewd and lascivious behavior, and disorderly conduct.

At approximately 2:23 am, police responded to a third fight on the gaming floor. While the altercation was managed relatively calmly, police indicate a 26-year-old Lynn man will be summoned to court on charges of assault and battery. As crowds involved in the incidents were dispersing, police noticed a disorderly man who appeared highly intoxicated. The man, a 32-year-old Lynn resident, was later taken into protective custody.

Three separate fights. In less than 23 minutes. At a casino connected to a seputgenarian mogul currently facing numerous sexual misconduct charges, including rape, retaliation, and coercion.

At least there's lots of people with new jobs? How's that going for ya, Encore folks? Stay safe out there.

Image via Wikimedia Commons / CNRNCXA