Boston, MA - Three men were arrested in East Boston on Friday night after an altercation with a police officer. Some of the men were carrying dangerous weapons.

The three men were identified as Matthew Wold, Tylar Larson, and Christopher Hood. Matthew Wold, age 26, is from Lowell. Tylar Larson, age 18, is from Rochester, N.Y. Christopher Hood, age 20, is from Malden. Wold was charged with assault and battery to a police officer; Larson and Hood were both charged with carrying a dangerous weapon.

Before this incident, the Boston Police Department had increased patrols in the surrounding areas due to reports of anti-immigration flyers in East Boston. While an officer was on patrol near the area of Winthrop Street, he had noticed the three young men walking around with face masks on; one of the men had a can of spray paint in hand. As the officer headed over to evaluate the situation, he reached to take Wold's identification card. Wold slapped the police officer’s hand away. The police officer arrested all three men; two of the men were carrying weapons.

According to police, the same three men were involved with posting anti-immigration flyers around the neighborhood, which residents reported as hate speech. These flyers were produced by a white supremacist group called Patriot Front. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh responded to the incident in a joint statement on Twitter, condemning hate speech.

When East Boston resident Phil Haggerty came upon the posters, he decided to walk through the neighborhood to take them down, and he urged his fellow residents to do the same. Other residents stated that they are grateful for the actions of the Boston Police Department.

Wold, Larson, and Hood were arraigned in East Boston District Court on Tuesday with a court date scheduled for March. They were not charged with anything directly related to the anti-immigration flyers.