BOSTON - The biggest news of the 2020 presidential race in the past week came when Beto O'Rourke of Texas dropped out of the Democratic side of the campaign. However, Beto dropped out because he is not making a big enough splash, a pattern that continued to this week's Saturday Night Live when the cold open, which is almost exclusively based in political satire, focused on Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren instead.

Now, Warren is not necessarily the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination either, but she is certainly at a better vantage point currently than O'Rourke could ever have hoped of being.

As such, when Warren announced her Medicare for All plan last week, it became the focus of a cold open that was refreshingly and gratefully devoid of Alec Baldwin's tiresome Donald Trump impression.

Obviously, it is hard to lampoon Trump when the consensus remains that he so frequently lampoons himself. Juxtaposed with that, it can also be hard to lampoon something that many people are rallying around, at least on principle, like Warren's plan to take the profit out of the healthcare industry.

But SNL thrives on its ability to take little tics and features of politicians and blow them up into full-on impressions and that's where the comedic greatness comes from in this sketch and in the other appearances from SNL veteran Kate McKinnon as Senator Warren, as shared by CNN.

Between her role and Kenan Thompson as former Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz, Boston has a strong foothold on SNL right now.

The sketch, in its entirety, can be viewed below and I would say that it is actually one of the better politically-charged comedy sketches the show has done so far in its forty-fifth season.

My personal favorite line of the sketch came towards the beginning when McKinnon as Warren said that she scarfed down a Nature Valley granola bar backstage, which resulted in her statement, "So I am jacked up and ready to pop off."

I think McKinnon has Senator Warren's energy down pat and us Massachusetts residents are definitely the best judges of that notion.

Saturday Night Live returns in two weeks with Harry Styles pulling double duty as host and musical guest.

Image Via Wikimedia Commons