Summer marks the start of a lot of things in Massachusetts - the time we all move en masse down the Cape, lobster roll and ice cream season, and, apparently, grisly crime. On the first weekend of summer, here are the major crime headlines we all missed while out enjoying the weather:

There was also some less deadly news this weekend, including:

  • The Encore Boston Harbor Casino in Everett is open for business! Tens of thousands showed up to experience its inaugural weekend.
  • A group of Cambridge officials are challenging state law that says the state flag must be displayed in the main administration building of each government institution in the state. The officials argue that the icon of the Native American man is offensive to the Native American community, and have proposed a state resolution to redesign the state flag to be more inclusive. Whether you agree with the political aims of these officials or not, it should be noted that the state flag is really ugly and includes, for some reason, a disembodied arm wielding a sword as a major feature. Purely on an aesthetic level, we could probably do better.