Boston city officials have filed revisions to the Trust Act. This act prohibits Boston Police from handing suspected undocumented immigrants over to federal enforcement agencies. The revisions now prevent the BPD from enquiring about a suspected undocumented immigrant's status, providing information to ICE, and making arrests on behalf of ICE, among other things. [Boston Globe]

Ridesharing services have spiked in Boston, up almost 25% in just the last year. [WBUR]

A nine-alarm fire destroyed 8 buildings in Boston on Saturday morning. A cause has yet to be determined. [WHDH News]

Boston representative Ayanna Presley has introduced the Affordability is Access Bill in the US House of Representatives. This bill would seek to expand the accessibility of birth control by lowering its price. [WBUR]

Boston's prodigal sons, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, have turned to the small screen in their new series, City on a Hill, which takes place and is set, in part, in Boston. The premiere was Sunday night, and the reviews are in and mixed. []