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This Week, Two Men Charged With Sexual Abuse of Teenage Girls, 13 and 14

This Week, Two Men Charged With Sexual Abuse of Teenage Girls, 13 and 14

Boston, MA– This week, Boston saw two cases where charges were brought against older men for sexual abuse of teenage girls. It's been a rough week for crime reporting. Who are these sick, delusional men who prey on vulnerable children?

Jabarie Phillips, age 41, was charged yesterday in Boston Federal Court with one count of sexual exploitation of children after he kidnapped a 14-year-old from Fall River  he met on Facebook. On Tuesday, 47-year-old Carlos Rivera was arraigned for allegedly giving cocaine to 13-year-old Chloe Ricard of Amesbury and sexually assaulting her twice. He dropped Ricard off at Lawrence General Hospital's emergency room, where she was found to be unresponsive and pronounced dead shortly after arrival. (While authorities have not released Ricard's name since she was a minor, her family members identified her as the victim in interviews following her death.)

We don't know how it was that Chloe Ricard ended up in Rivera's apartment, along with another underage girl (here's what media outlets do know about the case). But in the other case, we do know that Phillips (who had just been released from prison after serving over 10 years for manslaughter) met the Fall River 14-year-old on Facebook.

The Seattle man had traveled to Boston on May 1, planning to travel back to Seattle with the 14-year-old. Their Facebook conversation, which began in April, records that he requested sexually explicit photos from her. One message from Phillips to the girl, after she complained about family problems, allegedly read: "If you run away let me know we can take this show on the road I need a partner in crime."  

The Fall River teenager took an Uber to Logan to meet up with Phillips on May 1, then they caught a bus from South Station to head toward Seattle. The girl’s mother reported her missing and the cops arrested Phillips on May 3 in Minneapolis for violating his Washington state probation and on kidnapping charges.

When the young girl was brought to the police department, she said that they had "engaged in sex acts while on the bus." The investigation into Phillips is ongoing, but he could face a minimum sentence of 15 years, with a maximum of 30 years and a $250,000 fine. Once he’s released, he’ll face a minimum of 5 years of supervised release.