Attleboro, MA– A few months back, the teachers at Studley Elementary School in Attleboro taught their students about different parts of a letter and how to address an envelope. As part of the lesson, the teachers asked students to pick one person to send a letter to. Adam Turner, a 9-year-old third grader, chose to send his letter to President Donald Trump, and the man himself wrote back to the student in a letter he received last week, reports CBS Boston.

Adam’s teacher, Bertie Larouche, taught letter writing approximately six months ago. Each student in the class was instructed to write a letter after the lesson to a person of their choosing. “Most of the kids wrote to grandparents and aunts and uncles, and most of them heard back in two to three weeks,” said Mrs. Larouche. That’s not what Adam Turner wanted to do, though.

Turner, age 9, was looking through the Presidents of the United States when he was asked to choose a person to write to. The boy wanted to write a letter to a living president that shared or almost shared his birthday with him. Turner was born on June 14th, and when he found out that President Donald Trump was born on June 14th in 1946, he jumped for joy. Adam said, “That’s the same as mine.” The boy proceeded to say, “Me and him, we have a lot in common.”

For months, Adam Turner did not receive word back from President Donald Trump. He would visit the main office every day to see if a letter had arrived, “And for six months there was no letter in the office,” claimed his teacher.

Last Friday, that changed. President Donald Trump wrote back to Adam Turner, stating, “I always enjoy hearing from young Americans like you.” In response to Trump’s letter, Turner wrote the president a second letter, and started by saying, “Dear Mr. President, thank you for writing me back.”

When asked about the correspondence, Turner said the president’s response inspired him. He went on to say, “Me and him, we’ll make a better future.” The boy would like to grow up to be a President of the United States himself.