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The Votes Are In; Baker has been Reelected as Massachusetts Governor

The Votes Are In; Baker has been Reelected as Massachusetts Governor

Boston, MA - Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has been reelected for the current political term after defeating his Democratic opponent Jay Gonzalez. This will be Baker’s second term serving as Massachusetts state governor. He has been representing Massachusetts ever since he was initially elected back in January 2015.

Throughout the political race, Governor Baker stayed ahead in the polls as opposed to Gonzalez. A recent poll released last week stated that Baker was ahead of Gonzalez by approximately 40 points in the race.

Former Democratic challenger Gonzalez was previously working as a budget official under the former Governor Deval Patrick’s term. He announced his candidacy in January 2017 and since then has had difficulty boosting his name during the campaign.

Baker has remained popular in the state of Massachusetts despite his moderate Republican views. In recent stories, Gonzalez has tried to tie Baker to President Trump in one way or another; however, Baker dismissed such claims and remained a likable politician with Massachusetts citizens.

As soon as Baker was elected as our Massachusetts governor, he decided to come forward and thank the crowds with a well thought-out speech. He promised, “to bring fiscal discipline, a reform-minded governing approach, and a commitment to bipartisanship to state government.” He added in that he would continue his mission through his second term of representing our state, and he stated everything in confidence.

Baker is grateful to have this opportunity once again. He has stated that being reelected shows him that the people like what he’s doing, and therefore he’ll continue to make the people of Massachusetts happy as best he can. For the next four years, Baker has assured everyone that he will approach governing the same way he has been the past four years; he and his team will do their jobs in a humble way filled with purpose. They will all collaborate together to find what’s best for the state.

Baker is determined to give you and everyone in this state the best of the best. Let’s get ready to see this moderate Republican in action Massachusetts!