BOSTON - When you hear about transportation delays in the city of Boston you're likely to think about the MBTA, and for good reason, too. 2019 has been a new low for the beleaguered and perpetually cash-strapped T, and while Governor Charlie Baker and Mayor Marty Walsh seem to be prioritizing the long-needed repairs, it remains to be seen if these changes will actually be effective.

Until then, there's nothing to do but laugh at the MBTA's various mishaps like this one:

72 Bus was on fire today (literally) from boston

Reddit user u/WannabeBadGirlRiri shared an image of the 72 bus from the orange line actually engulfed in flames, which is quite the visual metaphor for the entire state of Boston's public transportation system.

It's not just the MBTA that is clogging the narrow streets of the city. Average, everyday drivers are also performing poorly on the road.

And Storrow claims another truck. I think the phone number is rather appropriate. from boston

Reddit user u/c13q shared an image of a moving truck from Isaac's that got pinned by the low clearance of the bridge along Storrow Drive, in spite of the visible clearance sign.

Ironically, the phone number on the back includes the phrase, "Nice job."