BOSTON – Every day in Boston, airplanes are taking off and landing at the Logan Airport. Seeing planes overhead and hearing the loud roar of the engines when you are near to Boston's biggest hub of domestic and international transportation is just a part of living in the city. No big deal. But today Boston's skies will host more than just the usual commuter planes.

In the early afternoon on Monday August 19th, the royal Air Force of the United Kingdom, which is also known as the aerobatic team, or, the Red Arrows, will pass over the Boston Harbor in a part of their tour across North America. For the first time in 11 years, the Red Arrows are visiting this continent, starting two weeks ago with a performance in Canada in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Now, on August 19th, this tour has brought the Red Arrows to Boston.

If you are in the area near the Boston Harbor, on a route stemming from the waterfront edge of Chelsea to the end of Castle Island, then you are definitely going to get a good look at one of the aviation prides of the U.K.

As for the reason for this overhead travel, it is meant to be a showcase of everything the United Kingdom has to offer to the rest of the world, especially when it comes to modern technology. This display of modern aircraft capabilities from the U.K. is also intended to encourage the pursuit of STEM educational topics throughout the greater Boston region.

But there is a further way for the residents of Boston to get involved the Red Arrows' fly-over. Boston's British consulate-general is offering a prize to the local who manages to capture the best picture of the event. Use the hashtag #RedArrowsTour on either Instagram or Twitter to be considered for a mystery grand prize. Tea with the Queen, anyone?