BOSTON - Earlier this week, we wrote about the trailer for the new Mark Wahlberg Netflix movie, Spenser Confidential, set and filmed in Boston, the thriller will debut on March 6. Between this movie and a new Adam Sandler comedy, Hubie Halloween, which was filmed in Plymouth, among other local locations, Netflix is firmly planting themselves as the leading competitor in the streaming wars. And they are doing so by flexing their muscles on two big movies that have ties to Boston.

However, the city has become even more embroiled in the ongoing "streaming wars." This battle of on-demand entertainment consists of the many media conglomerates each attempting to recreate Netflix's success by launching their own streaming service.

Netflix and Hulu have been the heavyweights in the industry for years. But with the announcement that HBO Max and Peacock are on the way, the waters are becoming increasingly uncharted. But as Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus have proven, a little competition can be a good thing, and it seems like Boston is the default destination for the best that the streaming services have to offer.

While Netflix is focusing on New England icons like Sandler and Wahlberg, Disney is making use of the town of Marblehead to film a brand new original comedy movie for the streaming service. The comedy, currently titled Godmothered, stars Jillian Bell as a new fairy godmother who attempts to help a woman, Isla Fisher, who has unconventional wishes in the world. Part of the film calls for Christmas and holiday-themed decor. As a result, Marblehead looks like a town that has not yet shed its holiday decorations. The project began filming on Wednesday with Christmas-themed sets and a slew of manufactured snow materials, per The Boston Globe.

Apple TV Plus has also been quick to capitalize on the role of Massachusetts in the streaming wars. Defending Jacob, a new original series from Apple about a lawyer whose son is charged with murder, was filmed in myriad Massachusetts locations over the past couple of months. It is an eight-episode series that also stars another local icon, Chris Evans. Evans will be joined by his Knives Out co-star, Jaeden Martell, on the series, which was officially announced to be bowing on April 24.

Which streaming service has the best chance of doing right by the Massachusetts shooting locations?

Image via Flickr/Atomic Taco