Foxborough, MA– When we last checked in on the Robert Kraft case of alleged prostitution solicitation at a Jupiter, Florida spa, matters were at an extremely uncomfortable impasse. The prosecution was prepared to release the alleged video evidence of Kraft's sexual misdeeds to the public and most of the world was all set on that front. "No, no, we believe you," remarked one social media user, not eager to be subjected to the contents of the spa tapes.

According to standard Florida laws, the video would have usually already been released by now, but Kraft's defense team motioned to block the release of it, and this stay was granted by Judge Leonard Hanser. However, Hanser also remarked that if the case progresses to the point of a jury, then Kraft should expect the video to be released at that time.

On the other hand, there is also the chance that by the time it comes to decide if the video will reach the public that Kraft's case will have either reached a plea agreement or been dismissed out of hand. Certain examples of video evidence have been dismissed and the investigation into whether or not the spa was involved with human trafficking has proved less than fruitful. Obviously, there are still questions to be answered, but things are definitely looking better than they were even just a week ago for Kraft.

We will likely learn more about the case next on May 21 when Kraft has been ordered to appear in court. No reason for this order has been given yet, but many surmised that it is a requisite part of the court proceedings. It also remains to be seen if Kraft will actually even appear in court in 17 days because he has thus far avoided court appearances to date.

In an even weirder wrinkle to the entire ordeal, Kraft has a number of popular supporters standing by his side. Whether or not he deserves this support is certainly debatable, but it is now clear where two famous rappers stand on the controversy.

Kraft recently appeared at an event for his continued prison reform efforts with Jay-Z and Meek Mill, both of whom pledged their support to the owner of the New England Patriots. It's been a weird year so far, 2019.