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The Red Sox Don't Look So Hot in Spring Training, but Eduardo Rodriguez Is Primed

The Red Sox Don't Look So Hot in Spring Training, but Eduardo Rodriguez Is Primed

Boston, MA– The Boston Red Sox have had an unimpressive spring training season. After they went on a tear in 2018 to win the World Series, they have completely flipped the script with 2019's spring training as they have now lost nine games in a row, culminating in a 14-1 drubbing by the New York Yankees that have dropped them 6-13 and last place in the Grapefruit League standings. It's not looking so good and I have severe doubts that Boston can win spring training two years in a row.

Obviously, the sky is not actually falling. Yes, the Red Sox are 6-13, but it is just spring training. The games are exhibitions and they don't actually count towards the season. Boston is not even maximizing their immense talent because spring training is meant to be a trial for up and coming players and something of a "rest assured" for the regular season roster. It's all trial and error right now so manager Alex Cora can find out what does and does not work with this team going forward.

The Sox won the Grapefruit League last year, but they probably won't do so this year as the team is not taking any unnecessary chances, especially as evidenced by J.D. Martinez resting for a couple days with a tight back. Boston also re-assigned players to various levels of minor league baseball, including scene-stealer in spring training Michael Chavis.

All that being said, there is one standout among the Red Sox players, and that is starting pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez.

When general manager Dave Dombrowski first arrived in Boston, he remarked that Rodriguez had the potential to be an ace number one starter and one of the best pitchers in the league. Based on what the team has seen from Eduardo, he seems to be ready to make that leap. After throwing heat and racking up many impressive starts, Rodriguez impressed when called upon to start a World Series game on minimal rest. If he can make that leap to the next level, Boston might just have the league's best starting rotation.

Image via Wikimedia by Keith Allison