Boston, MA– One of the biggest letdowns in Boston sports right now is the bad road trip that the Boston Red Sox find themselves on. When the MLB schedule makers released the 2019 slate of games for the team, the Red Sox got stuck with one of the most punishing schedules, forced to open the season with an 11-game west coast road trip. On the one hand, the team agreed that it would be better to get such an abysmal trip to the Pacific side of the country, including a visit to the Arizona Diamondbacks for the first time in many seasons. On the other hand, a World Series hangover has exacerbated the beginning of this season into one of the all-time worst openings in the history of baseball.

On Friday, the situation got even worse with the team's most runs allowed in a game of all season as the Sox lost to the Diamondbacks by a score of 15-8 with most of their own runs coming during garbage time when the game was already long out of reach. This brought Boston's record to 2-7, definitively bringing them to last place in the AL East. The Sox also have a -26 run differential, which is their worst in the first nine games of a season since 1927 and the second-worst run differential to open a season for a reigning World Series champion since the 1984 Baltimore Orioles were one run worse.

The Sox lost again to the Diamondbacks on Saturday, 5-4, though they managed a win today, 1-0.

I will say that right now, there is definitely cause for concern, but absolutely no need to panic. It's a tough stretch to open the season and I expect the Red Sox to get back into the swing of things when they finally get home. Chris Sale's velocity is a product of the team taking things cautiously with their ace and the offense seems to be regaining momentum. I trust that Boston's excellent group of coaches will work with the pitching and that this will be the low point in what will hopefully be a fruitful season for the Red Sox. There's no reason to panic...not yet.