AMHERST - If you are a college student in Massachusetts who made the decision to forego the Ivy League nature of so many of the state's universities, then there is a pretty solid chance that you wound up at UMass Amherst. I can attest to this because I did go to UMass Amherst! It's the flagship school of Massachusetts, after all. And if you ever happened to be a UMass student or someone who simply visited campus, then there is an equally sizable chance that at some point or another, you found your way to the Amherst staple, The Pub.

The Pub has been a key part of Amherst's East Pleasant Street since 1968. It has been owned by Gerald and Dolly Jolly, who purchased it back in 2001. Aaron Jolly has managed The Pub in that time, but he has worked there since 1996. This prior investment connected the Jolly family to the restaurant for decades. They have endeared themselves deeply to the community in that time.

On the street in Amherst, there existed The Pub and Rafters, along with plenty of other bars and clubs that the students of the five-college system loved to frequent on Thursdays, Fridays, and the rest of the weekend. Over time, though, the hot spots in Amherst began to change. As such, Rafters, also run by the Jollys, closed a year ago. Herbology Group, a recreational and medical marijuana shop, been slated to take over the Rafters spot.

Replacing The Pub is Savannas, a new restaurant that will be open by the spring of 2020, per The Boston Globe. It remains to be seen how accepted Savannas will be by the Amherst community, but there is no denying that The Pub is leaving behind a massive void to fill.

It's definitely sad to see so much change in Amherst, especially with institutions as beloved as The Pub. But change can be a good thing. Maybe Savannas will become a new staple of Amherst and last even longer than fifty-two years in the future.

Image via Unsplash/Amie Johnson