Boston, MA - Much like Paul Revere who rode around Boston to warn the Sons of Liberty that the Redcoats were coming to the Colonies, fans near and far are aware that the New York Yankees are on their way to town. The Red Sox are certainly no underdog in this series.

Sitting at 75-34 with the best record in the MLB, it seems like the Red Sox never lose. Yankee fans certainly feel this way as their team has fallen five and a half games back in the American League East division. But all of that has the potential to change with this upcoming rivalry's four-game weekend. If Boston sweeps or wins the series, the Yankees are probably going to have focus on that Wild Card game. If the Yankees sweep the Sox or win the series, then it's going to be a very interesting September. A series split would raise more questions than it would answer.

In any other year, the Yankees would be runaway winners of the division. But the Red Sox are an unstoppable force right now and they managed to have a magic number of 43. In July. That's almost unheard of.

Just because the Sox have been a juggernaut, that doesn't mean a series win versus New York is a guarantee. The Yankees have a tendency to play to their opponent's talents. Just because they lost games to the Royals and Orioles, it doesn't mean they're punching up against Boston. Even then, the Red Sox are going to be without Chris Sale and Rafael Devers for the series, giving New York a major leg up.

That being said, the Yankees' near equivalent of Sale, Luis Severino, has struggled as of late so ace pitching matchups will not necessarily be featured in the next four games. And the Yankees will also be missing their star, Aaron Judge.

The series is up for grabs and if New York wants to make a race of the division, they'll have to rise to the occasion. But Boston might be looking to put away their foes before they even have the chance to mount a comeback. This is what baseball is all about!