BOSTON – When the Boston Bruins first learned they would be facing the St. Louis Blues during the 2019 Stanley Cup Finals, I wrote about how the matchup instantly divided one of the most beloved on-screen couples in television history.

John Krasinski, a Boston native and major Bruins fan, was suddenly at odds with Jenna Fischer, one of the celebrity ambassadors for the Blues. Krasinski and Fischer, of course, played Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly, respectively, on The Office. For nine years, the two cultivated one of the all-time best on-screen relationships and people love them so much that some are often disappointed to learn that they are not actually married in real life.

However, the rivalry from The Office did not stop with Krasinski and Fischer being torn asunder. Instead, many other Office cast members joined sides. Angela Kinsey, who portrayed uptight accountant Angela Martin on the hit comedy, commented on many of Fischer's Instagram posts and said she was supporting her "BFF" in her quest for a Blues victory.

Actors B.J. Novak (Ryan Howard) and Mindy Kaling (Kelly Kapoor) are both Massachusetts natives and they have voiced support for other Boston sports teams at times of championships, so it stands to reason that they pulled for the Bruins, as well. But the star of the show, Steve Carell (Michael Scott), decided to chime into the debate.

Carell's support for the Bruins was not quite a good luck charm, though, obviously. And neither was David Denman. Denman portrayed Roy Anderson on The Office, the ex-fiancee of Pam's who Jim was jealous of during the early seasons of the show. In retaliation for Fischer's Blues support, Krasinski used Denman to make a true power move at the finals.

The move was a hilarious one and truly showed off how clever Krasinski can be. But Fischer fired back with a comment that referenced how the character of Roy once left Pam at a hockey game unintentionally.

Ultimately, though, Fischer got the last laugh and we got to see her icing a cake in celebration of the Blues victory. Us Bostonians will have to settle for our other twelve titles this century, I suppose.

Image via Flickr / Mobilus in Mobili