BOSTON - Last week, we wrote about a survey from the U.S. News and World Report that announced what the ten best hotels in Massachusetts were. Included in that list was the Mandarin Oriental, which is situated quaintly in the Back Bay. However, after recent news that some changes would be coming to the Mandarin Oriental, things are looking even brighter for the hotel.

Do not be surprised to see the hotel even further up the rankings of the state’s best hotels next year. That is the point of renovations, after all. To make the hotel even better.

Similarly ranked in a high percentile for hotels across the nation, the Mandarin Oriental is committed to consistent improvement. In a statement that announced the renovations coming to the Back Bay resort, Philipp Knuepfer, the general manager of the Mandarin, said, “This renovation will further enhance the accommodation and facilities, reinforcing the hotel’s reputation as the best luxury hotel in the city.”

What is in a renovation, however? The changes and updates to the hotel, which have been in the works since January, are expected to be unveiled in April in a ceremony, as shared by Boston Business Journal. It better be worth it, though, because the Boston Business Journal has reported that the renovation cost the hotel fifteen million dollars. That is a ton of money, but when you are one of the world’s top luxury hotels, I suppose you can afford it.

Included in the renovations include updates to the guest rooms at the Mandarin. New amenities in the bathroom are coming to these guest suites. In the living room, massive, sixty-five-inch televisions are being added to the walls. The kitchen areas are slated to be part of the renovation for the premier suites of the hotel.

On top of that, the Mandarin will also be adding more meeting and event spaces so as to host a greater amount of functions in the city. The resort’s spa will also add three rooms to the mix over the course of the next two months. It is a massive, expensive undertaking, but it is going to prop up the Mandarin Oriental even further!

Image via Yelp/Maria G.