FOXBOROUGH - Over the summer, I wrote about how the New England Patriots were slated to have an astounding season defensively, thanks in large part to the quality of their secondary. I felt that the secondary in New England was the best secondary in the entire NFL. Last week, surprising news broke that threw that entire prediction into upheaval as Patrick Chung, a safety for the Patriots, received a felony cocaine possession charge in New Hampshire. Now, the situation has developed much more and we can begin to understand what is actually going on with Chung.

Four days ago, it was announced that Chung had been indicted on charges of felony cocaine possession after police were called to his home on June 25. An alarm was set off in Chung’s home and upon the police investigating, they found cocaine within the parameters of Chung’s home. The location of the cocaine was unspecified, but it can logically be assumed that it was in plain sight. After investigating, a grand jury determined that there was probable cause that Chung was engaged in illegal activity and he was indicted on August 8 with the announcement coming from Andrew Livernois, the attorney of New Hampshire’s Belknap County, on August 22. As time has gone on, we have a clearer picture of what is in store for Chung.

As for the latest update on the safety, he waived his arraignment yesterday, as reported by WCVB, which was slated to occur this Wednesday, and ultimately pled not guilty to the charges levied against him. As for Chung’s next court appearance, it is a bit of a ways away. He will appear in Belknap County Superior Court in Laconia, New Hampshire on November 8, according to the Supreme Court of the state. He returned to the Patriots yesterday, but it is unclear if he will partake in the final game of the pre-season on Thursday against the New York Giants.

The Patriots organization released an official statement that said they do not want to comment on the situation beyond their awareness of the charge as the legal proceedings continue. As for the NFL, it is certainly possible and, at the moment, I would say likely, that Chung could receive a suspension for the incident. He is innocent until proven guilty and I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but the NFL has been known to operate punishments separately from the justice system.

Photo Courtesy of Jeffrey Beall