BOSTON - If you have ever felt like the ramen food scene in Boston has been a bit lacking, then there is definitely good news in store for you. In a press release from the team behind developments of the Hub on Causeway, it was announced yesterday that the famed "Iron Chef," Masaharu Morimoto, is bringing Momosan Ramen, his iconic restaurant, to Boston.

That's right, Momosan Ramen is slated to have a new Boston location at Hub Hall. Located in this area, it will actually become the first sit-down restaurant with complete, dedicated service to come to Hub Hall so far. Clocking in at over three thousand square feet, Momosan Ramen will provide guests with the signature ramen dishes of Morimoto's delicious flavor palette. However, a selection of cocktails, sake, and more will be available, in addition to a menu that is rounded out by sushi, among other such shareable dishes, as reported by Boston Magazine.

No specific date has been announced for when Momosan Ramen will officially open, but the current projection is the winter of 2020. This means, you can look to stop in for a delicious bowl of ramen (which has previously only been made available to residents of New York, Washington, and Hawaii) sometime in January or February.

As someone who has experienced the delectable delights of Morimoto cooking before, I can only say that the people who frequent the Hub are not ready for the deliciousness that's just around the corner.

The addition of Momosan Ramen to Hub Hall is the latest instance of how the city is the trying to revamp and revitalize the district. While Morimoto is a very famous chef, it does remain to be seen if he is a household name like some cooks how dominate the television airwaves. Coming to mind in this category is Guy Fieri, who also opened a restaurant at the Hub on Causeway this year, per Boston Eater. With the combined talents of Fieri and Morimoto, along with the other TD Garden-based attractions and eateries, there's no telling how big of a tourist attraction the Hub on Causeway is about to become. I know I'm already planning to stop in for a bite.

Image Via Wikimedia Commons